Why Is This Texas Town Reigning as the Country’s Hottest ZIP Code?


The Hottest ZIP Codes in America for 2018

Hotness is one of those terms that seem to have lost much of their meaning lately, right up there with “awesomeness,” “scalability,” or “fake news.” But when it’s applied to real estate, “hotness” conjures up something very tangible indeed: places where people are truly gung-ho to live.

Once a year Realtor.com takes a closer look—not at sprawling cities, but at neighborhoods, right down to the ZIP codes. After all, great communities are what home buyers are searching for the most, right?

This year, for the second time in a row, Watauga, TX, tops the list. Go Watauga! With a young population, a strong economy, and schools that have been rated among the best in the state, this near suburb of Fort Worth has what many buyers—especially those all-important millennials—are looking for.