Do you need a REALTOR® when buying new construction?


Buying a New Construction? Why You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent

When you’re house hunting, the allure of new construction is undeniable. You get to be the first to live in the pristine home—one untouched by grimy hands or muddy shoes. It’s full of brand-new appliances and the finishes and treatments that you picked to fit your aesthetic. And you won’t have to worry about making any cosmetic or structural upgrades for years.

If you are interested in buying a new construction, the builder’s agent will be ready to help you with the process. But make no mistake: You need your own real estate agent from the get-go. Even if it seems like plug and play to sign up with the builder’s on-site agent, you’re going to want someone representing your side of the deal.

Why bother?  It’s a new home… you’re buying directly from a builder… you don’t really need a REALTOR® do you?

When you buy a new construction, the home’s builder is considered the seller, and the agent representing the builder is called the builder’s agent. The builder’s agent will always have the builder’s best interest in mind.  Who do you have on your side?

Do you know that MOST builders already have the cost of a customers REALTOR® in their budget?  It usually won’t cost the consumer a penny to hire a REALTOR® to work for them.

Have you seen the paperwork required to purchase a new home, even a new construction?  A REALTOR® can help to explain all these documents to you.

Do you want the best deal possible?   Sure you can negotiate with the builder, but REALTORS® bring business to builders and frequently have good relationships with each other.  Don’t you think a builder will throw in something a little extra for the client?  

Do you want someone on your side to help you if things get difficult or you have questions about the process?  Remember, the builder’s agent who showed you the model works for the builder!  A REALTOR® will work for YOU!

The best part… remember… the builder will frequently pay your REALTORs® fees, so it’s no cost to you as a buyer.

Never sign a contract without someone on your side to negotiate, fight for you, and help guide you through the process!

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