Hiring a qualified Realtor to handle the logistics of renting out your property can be a smart move, one that every homeowner should make. An agent can create a listing for you, help you check out applicants, and generally manage other aspects of renting so you don’t have to.  As a professional leasing specialist, our team is experienced with landlord-tenant law and able to navigate the various complexities to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. We believe that teamwork, market exposure and 24 hour availability is the best way to achieve success. The leasing fee to all of our rental clients is one month’s rent, which will be split between the listing broker and the renting broker who brings the tenant. Once a tenant is approved we will collect the security deposit (equal to one month’s rent).  Additionally, the first month’s rent will be collected from the tenant when keys are released for move-in which is used to pay Realtor commission.

What do we offer?

  • Complete Marketing including professional photography as well as aggressive marketing and online ads get your properties rented quicker.
  • Create ads tailored to the property and advertising medium. Some of the mediums commonly used are: MLS, paid social media AD’s, rental listing websites, signs, fliers, etc.
  • Work with other REALTORS® and leasing agents to find a tenant
  • Provide a 24-hour hot-line where prospective tenants can receive detailed information about the property
  • Field calls from prospects for questions and viewings
  • Meet prospective tenants for showings throughout the week and weekend.
  • Provide prospective tenants with rental applications that are legally compliant with fair housing laws
  • Collection applications with application fee
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Perform a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc.
  • Organize tenants according to pre-defined tenant criteria
  • Inform tenants who were turned down

How it works:

The owner will outline the requirements for a leasing the property.  Prospective clients (anyone who will occupy the property that is 18 or older) will fill out a written application and pay a $40 application fee to go toward tenant screening.  After an application is submitted we will begin the screening process using a professional screening service responsible for collecting credit and background information.  The permitted information is shared with the owner and the owner will approve or deny prospective applicants.  Applicants that are denied must be given a reason.  Once a tenant is approved we will collect the security deposit (equal to one month’s rent).  The first month’s rent is due when keys are released for move-in.