Property Management


Why do I need a property manager and how can Renee Mears Realtors help?

Renee Mears Realtors value as a property manager is removing all of the burden off of the owner and working directly with the tenant to handle any situation that should arise for a 10% fee of each months rent. As an owner/landlord you will find that its more than worth the cost!

1. Avoid Emergency Tenant Calls

There’s a problem at the rental, and as the landlord, it’s your job to fix it. With us, you’ll be able to say goodbye to late-night emergencies. When a problem arises, the tenant will give us a call and we will respond accordingly.

2. Repair and Maintenance Help

With a property manager, you don’t have to be the on-call maintenance person/gardener/pool boy anymore. When repairs or maintenance are in order, the property manager will show up on-site or contact the home warranty company at the first sign of trouble. Since they deal with this type of thing all the time, they’ll also have a database chock full of vendors and contractors who do reputable work at fair prices.

3. Avoid Messy Legal Problems

Keeping up with landlord-tenant law can be tedious and quite costly if you’re not up to speed. New regulations are constantly coming into effect, and staying out of trouble depends upon your compliance with these laws. A professional property manager should be experienced with landlord-tenant law and able to navigate the various complexities to make sure you stay on the right side of it.

4. Stop Being the Bad Guy

As landlord, it’s your job to enforce the terms of the lease. Unfortunately though, this is easier said than done. When a tenant brings in one too many dogs or there’s an issue with smoking indoors, things can get ugly. With a property manager, you don’t have to show up and try to reason with the tenant who’s arguing the merits of turning backyard trees into firewood. Instead, let your property manager handle it.

5. No Tracking Down the Monthly Rent

The check is always in the mail! As a property owner, you depend on the rent arriving each month on time. When this doesn’t happen, there’s often a tremendous amount of time and effort involved with tracking down the rent. Letting late rent slide can create a situation where the tenant is able to live in your property rent-free, for as long as it takes to evict them. Let us be your no-nonsense rent collector and take immediate action if the rent is late. We will document all steps taken and remain in compliance with the law.

6. Avoid the Dreaded Eviction

Evictions are the worst nightmare of every landlord, and understandably so. There’s a tremendous amount of red tape surrounding the lawful eviction process, and no, changing the locks while the tenant’s out just isn’t an option. Our team is on the ball and able to handle evictions for you — quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with state code and regulations.

7. Long Distance Management Made Easy

Finally, property managers make life easier — so much easier, in fact that you may be tempted to get yourself a few more rental properties. With a property manager, you’ll even be able to invest in properties that are out of town; since you won’t be managing them yourself, it won’t matter where you invest. This allows you to take advantage of more affordable or growing housing markets just like ours in North Texas.

Did you know that property management fees and other leasing costs including repairs may be a write off for you at tax time? Check with your CPA for more details.