Homebuying Advice You Should Ignore

Buying a house? Then you’ll no doubt hear tons of advice from people who’ve been through the home-buying process before and want to pass their sage wisdom onto you. Problem is, sometimes the advice that “everybody knows” is right isn’t. Fact is, housing markets change over time—and the rules vary widely based on where you’re looking to live, along with

Little-Known Factors That Affect Home Values

Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Location, crime, and neighborhood comps can certainly affect a home’s value. But what are some of the more invisible factors that influence sales prices? HouseCanary, a data analytics real estate platform, analyzed more than 1,500 counties to identify the top five hidden factors that influence home

How big of a home do you need? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to homes, the popular credo is that bigger is better. More square feet = a larger slice of the American dream, right? Not necessarily. For one, bigger homes obviously cost more, and oversized McMansions can be harder to sell. As such, you’ll want a home that’s neither too big nor too small. But how do you strike that balance?

Hot Home Trend: Bring on the Velvet

Photo Credit: Pulte Homes By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine We’re seeing a revival of the 1960s love for velvet in home décor. Velvet has been making its way into more fashion and now it’s expected to make a bigger splash in home décor in 2018. This heavier fabric can add some luster to a

City Council Awards Arcadia Realty the Catalyst Thomas Place Development

The Carrollton City Council at the Tuesday, February 6 meeting awarded Arcadia Realty the conceptual design to develop the City-owned Thomas Tract. This catalyst project will encourage redevelopment and regeneration of the surrounding mature, single-family residential neighborhoods near Downtown and the DART passenger station. Arcadia Realty is known for high quality development projects such as

Kids Sad About Moving? Here’s How to Help Them Adjust

Moving can be a huge adjustment, particularly for kids. Thrust into new schools filled with unfamiliar faces, your once-upbeat brood may struggle with insecurity and loneliness. As a parent, you’d do anything to ease their pain and smooth this transition, but what will work? Consider these tried-and-true tips from parents who’ve moved their families multiple times, along with insights from experts

DFW Icon Passes at Age 84

The man responsible for bringing NBA basketball to Dallas has passed away at 84 years old.  Don Carter, the founding owner of the Dallas Mavericks, died Wednesday night at his home in Uptown Dallas. Carter was the man who hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy after the Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Finals, as owner Mark